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Achieve the light effects that your hair needs thanks to the latest developments in highlights that we have ready for you. Let our team of professionals advise you and then show off in style.

Basic highlights

Choose this type of highlight for long as well as short hair. Perfect for providing luminosity that your hair needs from its roots to its ends.

Dip dye

This is by far the best type of highlights and the most asked for in our hair salon. This type of highlights imitate the natural hair colouring that is produced in the ends caused by effects from the sun (otherwise known as “Californian highlights”). Be brave and try them and… let your inner surfing spirit run through your veins!

Two-tone highlights

Choose two colours and apply them to your hair. Two-tone highlights are one of the latest novelties to arrive at our salon and the results are… spectacular! Apply them to long as well as short hair, whether you’re blonde or dark-haired and discover the huge variety of colours that we have.


Thesplashlightsare strips consisting of a lighter colour than your hair which go side by side with your hair style.They’re very sassy and bold where they are used, albeit prudently, on the most innovative fashion catwalks.