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Haircuts for women

At our hair salon in Valencia we are specialists in haircuts and, day to day, we strive to offer the best haircuts of 2019 to our clients. Depending on your needs, your features and your lifestyle we seek to advise you on the best haircut and how to look after it, always maintaining it in perfect condition.

Long bob

It’s the absolute latest trend from the London catwalks. Copy the different versions of this celebrity look: long bob and long bob maxi. You choose!.

A short and uneven bob

The newest haircuts of 2019 are very short and with a tousled effect. Get the look of the moment with uneven locks that will make a simple haircut… a fashionable haircut!

Bob cut

The bob cut is perfect for any occasion and has a range of variations: bob, wavy bob, bob with texture, bob with a fringe, without a fringe, lopsided, with curls, without curls… choose your style and go with the bob!

Pixie cut

This has been around a while and continues being trendy. More and more women go with this type of hairstyle that looks good on any woman. If you’re a risk-taking and dare-devil kind of girl… this is your style!

Effortlesslong hair

2019 sees distinctive waves take a back seat for softer waves with more volume. This type of hair do is perfect for any kind of face and you can choose how to have it: with a fringe or without, the perfect hair do in minutes!

Haircuts for men

Who said that men cannot change their look and go with the latest trends? Discover at the hands of our team of stylists the best haircut that is adapted to you, to your style and to your needs.

Dry cut

The dry cut, by the far, is the best for men, andis equal on both sides and with longer hair on the top part. Easy to carry off and maintain, perfect for day to day!

Cut with a quiff

Haircut for those who like to be trendy and feel good about themselves. Simple but… with a touch of male glamour!

Vintage cut

Retro fashion has come back to stay. Vintage hairstyles and their absolute originality make men be the ones who decide on a change of look and… blast back to the past?!

The undercut

This masculine haircut is characterised by a short hairstyle on both sides and at the back of the neck, keeping the length and volume of the top part. If you like to look trendy and feel like a celebrity… this is your style!


It’s one of the most demanded male hairstyles for its simplicity and quality. It consists of running the top part through with gel or wax to make the hair stay moulded and spiked up.


More and more guys are deciding to let their hair grow without tending so much to it. Whether it be straight or curly… leave it long and change your style!