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At our beauty salon we have a team of professional experts in cosmetic and beauty related treatments. Come and be tempted by our wide variety of treatments and make your visit to our salon a unique experience!

Manicure and pedicure

Show off your beautiful hands and feet throughout the whole year. Thanks to our manicure and pedicure treatments you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, as well as for your hands, feet and nails. Choose your colour from a wide variety of nail varnishes: permanent varnishes, French manicure, spa manicure etc and all this… without leaving our salon!


At DesanchoEsilistas we offer different types of depilation so that we can offer you the best service for your skin. We have the latest and most advanced technologies on the market to give you maximum quality, at the best price and with less risk.

Facial treatments

We have the best facial treatments so that you can look stunning at any moment. From facial hygiene to relaxing treatments and even treatments for hydration and luminosity. These facial treatments are perfect to have done whilst you wait for all your other hairdressing services to be completed.


At our hair and beauty salon you will find that long awaited moment to relax, desired by many of us. Find your place for peace and harmony and enjoy our relaxing massages. What’s more, you will also be able to enjoy therapeutic massages thanks to a physiotherapist.

Make-up and Micropigmentaction

And what’s a woman with a spectacular hairstyle and look without make-up? Because we all like to look stunning and spectacular, we have the best make-up services that you could imagine. Choose from a daytime make-up to a micropigmentation to stand out and conceal those imperfections. Let our team of stylists advise you… the result is guaranteed!